Sun 12
Women's 2nd Team
5-1 win vs Bosco

5-1 win vs Bosco

By Danica Oades

Magic after Easts annual pub golf

Neither an early morning start nor a hangover was going to stop the 2s from getting their win. Coach Tom(Tom Adams) arriving in time for the final quarter chat, Captain Danica (Danica Oades)

Another young team for the 2s to battle against. There were some beautiful passes through the 1st half of the game(even some nutmegs). The 2s were running circles around their younger counterparts despite their previous nights activities. There were both messy and beautiful goals in the game, with one coming from a straight strike off a shout corner, hitting the inside post solidly and coming back out onto the field. Umpires confirmed for a short amount of time before allowing the goal!

In the 3rd quarter energy levels started to wain and at times the play looked a bit messy. Bosco in turn picked up their game making some crucial interceptions leading to the 2s conceding a goal.

The final quarter break and chat seemed to revitalise the 2s and allow them to regain composure on the field with the ball and maintain a comfortable victory.
Goals scored by Danica x2 Alissa (Alissa Castro) x1 Lucy (Lucy Taylor)x1 Lindi (Lindi Beukes) x 1
Man of the match points :
Verity (Verity Plummer) -3
Alissa - 2
Maaike (Maaike Veenendaal) -1

Great win ladies!

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Sun 12, May 2019




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