Exciting Umpire Refresher Opportunity - Sydney East HA Umpire Seminar

Exciting Umpire Refresher Opportunity - Sydney East HA Umpire Seminar

Monday 9 July 2018
18:00 - 19:30
By Stephen McShane
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Pineapple on a pizza? People that stop in the street? Going out on penalties? Yes they are all annoying AF!! But surely none of them are quite as irritating as an umpire that is not up-to-date with all the current rules, interpretations and areas of focus in the NSW area?!

Well worry not if you are an official and you don't want to be that person because there is a free development initiative available to you (see details below).

As you will be able to see it is a good opportunity for Easties to gain more knowledge so sign up now and in the words of the great DJ Aligator, "Blow your whistle b@%&h!"

Sydney East HA Umpire Seminar
Monday 9th July, 2018,
David Phillips Hockey Centre - Canteen
Banks Avenue, Daceyville

This session will endeavour to upskill association umpires with the latest information and skills from HNSW, Hockey Australia and FIH. The session will commence at 6pm and will consist of a theory-based seminar

Topics Covered
Rule & Interpretations: Powerpoint and video - led session regarding the latest in Rules and Interpretations from Hockey Australia and FIH.
Areas of Focus at HNSW, HA & FIH: Discussion of new focus areas from HNSW HA and FIH officiating committees.
Umpire Development Pathway & Resources: For umpires who attend this session information will be provided on the changes to HNSW development pathway and accreditation and the opportunity to ask questions regarding your own development.

Who should attend
All levels of umpire, officials, coaches, managers, parents and players who want to improve their knowledge and application of the rules of hockey.

This session is free and will be run by Hockey NSW Umpire & Officials Development Manager & FIH Elite International Umpire, Zeke Newman.

To secure your place in this Seminar please email Zeke Newman at zeke.n@hockeynsw.com.au

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